Catch Basin Repairs

Catch Basin Repairs in Mississauga and the GTA

Ensure a high standard of drainage function on your property with catch basin repairs in Mississauga!

Catch basin or storm basins keep your drainage system working properly by preventing any debris from getting inside. They keep the storage drain clean, making sure that no rainwater can damage your property. This is why your drainage system requires regular maintenance. It is important that the storm basins are clean and functioning properly so that they can weather any storm.

How Can We Help?

When you opt for our team of professional plumbers at Dalcro, you can wave all your drainage system worries aside. We take pride in our professionalism, and our years of experience have made us a known name in the area. We understand the needs of our clients and hence provide a service quality that exceeds expectations. We help with all your catch basin repair needs so that your property will have proper drainage.

Make sure the drainage system on your property operates safely to avoid structural damage

What Catch Basin Repair Services in Mississauga Do We Provide?

We provide the major catch basin repairs that can restore normal function and help enhance the function of the drainage system. Here is a list of the repairs we specialize in:


To make the drainage system more efficient, we use state-of-the-art technology to extract all the debris that can block the sewage pipe. Our vacuum truck sucks any blockage along the way so that water can flow freely.


If the area around the catch basin sustains water damage, it can sink into the ground. Needless to say, this can cause structural damage to the drainage system and end up costing you a pretty penny. A sinkhole also indicates that there is significant pipe damage underground, which if not repaired immediately, can end up damaging the whole system. The asphalt will soon sink in the ground, leaving a big hole there, which is a safety hazard. We make sure the sinkhole is not a threat to the pipes underground, while repairing the ones that have eroded because of water damage.

Asphalt Repair

If you have neglected catch basin repairs in Mississauga for long, it is possible the asphalt may also need repair. Water erosion can cause severe damage to the asphalt and it may sink it with time. We ensure top quality repairs by not only restoring the asphalt to its prior position but also making sure the new catch basin stays safe.

How to Connect with Us

If you are in need of catch basin repairs in Mississauga, you can get in touch with us at 905-274-2657 or 905-781-7442. We make your emergencies a priority, so you never have to face any inconvenience.

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